NEBB Certified TAB & Commissioning

Capacity and Performance Testing

State-of-the-art test equipment in conjunction with a technical staff proficient in the analysis and interpretation of the data is used to identify causes of malfunctions, data corruption, and degraded performance. In addition, we act as a third party independent testing agency to certify that critical components comply with their specifications. Third party testing is also useful for establishing the initial conditions for warranty purposes.

Combining our field testing with our engineering background, we have provided studies for clients to provide them with needed information to budget capital upgrades and assess equipment reuse. In addition, we have provided energy studies for many of our clients and assisted then in establishing energy upgrades over several budget years.

LEED Standard and Enhanced Certified Commissioning

Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

Measurement and Verification (Energy and Central Utilities)

Control System Maintenance and Design

Infrared Scanning

We utilize an infrared scanning camera for countless tests, including verifying proper mixing of air streams in mixed air sections or verifying that a coil has the proper heat transfer over the entire face of the coil. The primary use for this camera, however, is for electrical component testing during generator and UPS load testing and commissioning.

UPS Commissioning and IEEE Battery Discharge Testing

The proven method for determining whether a battery will perform is to test it under load conditions. Proper load testing is the only way to determine where the battery resides on its expected life curve.

We own and operate the Albér BCT-2000 capacity test system. Load testing is essential for any storage battery system that protects equipment or a critical service. Because the battery is almost always the least reliable component, load testing should be done on a regular basis to ensure reliability.

The BCT is a combination load control and data logging system consisting of a data acquisition module and a laptop computer data logging unit. The data acquisition module acquires all cell voltage, overall string voltage, and current readings.

The computer data logging unit displays the programming parameters for the test. During a load test, the system records overall voltage, load current, and cell voltages.

Quality Testing & Analysis

Start-up Coordination & Training

Stand-by Generator Annual Testing

We have provided this important service line since inception to our mission critical clients. We have provided testing for generators, which have included paralleling gear using PLCs and synchronizing equipment. We have provided generator testing for plants as small as 75kW and as large as 12 MW. System testing includes air systems, fuel transport as well as electrical systems.

IEEE Testing