Benito Caban, MSc, PE, Chief Operating Officer

Benito serves as Chief Operating Officer for Twining Consulting and provides leadership for the company’s largest and most notable projects. His guidance derives from the expertise he has gained in over 20 years in the industry. Under Benito’s direction, Twining Consulting has experienced quantifiable growth.

John Burke, Principal

John  is a client and business development professional with over 41 years of experience in the professional services industry. John has a fundamental understanding of how to build and maintain relationships throughout every stage of the sales cycle using a high level of interpersonal dexterity. He has maintained a large base of established, loyal contacts throughout multiple industries. John has an intrinsic orientation towards achieving success through an uncompromising work ethic and is a natural leader of people with a characteristically motivational style.

Jon Browning, PG, CEG, Senior Project Manager

Jon Browning, PG, CEG, more than 14 years of experience in the engineering geology and environmental consulting industry. His expertise lies in developing subsurface geotechnical exploration strategies for fault trench and landslide investigations, geologic field mapping, executing and managing large field investigation projects, directing subcontractors, consulting with client and preparing technical reports.