We specialize in energy, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical (MEP) engineering and commissioning services. Our engineers design and oversee the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and plumbing systems of various types of buildings.

In many projects after systems are tested, we find equipment not performing as specified. Reasons have included incorrect construction installation, design issues, and faulty equipment. What we provide is hard pertinent data using repeatable test procedures that cannot be ignored. Using this data along with our engineering expertise, and acting as a liaison for our clients, we work with the team to bring resolution.

Over 90% of our projects are renovations or system upgrades, where the building or area being renovated has to remain operational during the construction process.

Our Services

  • Mechanical Systems, Design & Engineering
  • Electrical Systems, Design & Engineering
  • Controls Integration, Design & Engineering
  • Engineering Studies
  • Construction Management Services
  • Peer Reviews
  • Value Engineering